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Selected films to expect

Dear Courtney-3846kleiner

Feature film: DEAR COURTNEY

Directed by Rolf Roring from Germany. 1991: because of his long lasting unrequited love to Saskia (19), the most popular girl in school, the almost 18 year old Paul Thomas one day writes the song of his life. The song doesnʼt help him with his beloved, however it seems promising enough to send it out… 

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Short Films Session 7

The Short Films Sessions are ready-made-to-eat chunks of finely selected short films. They regularly fit in a 2-hour block in the festival film schedule. What to expect in Session 7? Screening: – Sunday September 21 at 4pm Reserve your spots here. WAY IN RYE (28 mins) Directed by Goran Stankovic (USA). During WWII, a Soviet… 

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Actors - Diego Zimermann and Catharina França 1

Short Films Session 6

The Short Films Sessions are ready-made-to-eat chunks of finely selected short films. They regularly fit in a 2-hour block in the festival film schedule. What to expect in Session 6? Screening: – Saturday September 20 at 4pm Reserve your spots here. THE STRANGER (ANJAAN) (16 mins) Directed by Hira Tariq (Pakistan). This is the story… 

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Short Films Session 5

The Short Films Sessions are ready-made-to-eat chunks of finely selected short films. They regularly fit in a 2-hour block in the festival film schedule. What to expect in Session 5? Screening: – Wednesday September 17 at 4.30pm – Sunday September 21 at 6pm Reserve your spots here. SAFE ROOM (22 mins) Directed by Nick Levanti… 

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Short Films Session 4

The Short Films Sessions are ready-made-to-eat chunks of finely selected short films. They regularly fit in a 2-hour block in the festival film schedule. What to expect in Session 4? Screening: – Tuesday September 16 at 6.30pm Reserve your spots here. LOTUS (4 mins) Directed by Rose (Rong) Luo (Canada). A heavily wounded soldier is… 

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Short Films Session 3

The Short Films Sessions are ready-made-to-eat chunks of finely selected short films. They regularly fit in a 2-hour block in the festival film schedule. What to expect in Session 3? Screening: – Monday September 15 at 6.30pm Reserve your spots here. BLACK NIGHT (9min) Directed by Jean Luc Baillet (France) Following a stupid challenge with… 

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Short Films Session 2

The Short Films Sessions are ready-made-to-eat chunks of finely selected short films. They regularly fit in a 2-hour block in the festival film schedule. What to expect in Session 2? Screening: – Sunday September 15 at 6pm Reserve your spots here. BUCKET (15min) Director: Gabriel Robertson (United Kingdom) After a devastating discovery at a fancy… 

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Opening film: IMAGINE

Imagine was inspired by the water experiments of the innovative scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto. His findings indicate a relationship between the physical structure of water and the projection of thoughs or energies going onto it. ‘We exaggerated this concept,’ say the creators Jonathan Steven Green (writer) and Jahanara Saleh (director). ‘The heart of the story… 

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Short Films Session 1

The Short Films Sessions are ready-made-to-eat chunks of finely selected short films. They regularly fit in a 2-hour block in the festival film schedule. What to expect in Session 1? Screening: – Saturday September 13 at 2pm – Sunday September 21 at 2pm Reserve your spots here. LEGEND OF THE CHAINED OAK (30min) Directors: Mark… 

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Directed by Alexandre Liebert from France. It is 5 am. We are at a small fish market in Cambodia. We follow Tut, a 50-year-old fisherman, on his way back to his house.Tut changes clothes, smokes a cigarette, absent. Then he writes the date when he was imprisoned by the Khmer Rouge régime, with water on… 

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Short film: BALKONY

Directed by Lendita Zeqiraj from Kosovo. Jeton, a 10-year-old boy is sitting on the edge of a balcony on the 4th floor. Neighbours and passers-by, terrified by this situation, call the police and firefighters for help. But the situation quickly becomes unmanageable. Watch the trailer: Screening: – Wednesday September 17 at 4.30pm – Sunday September… 

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Short film: GOD BY THE NECK

Directed by José Trigueiros from Spain. It’s Sunday, and Pablo, 8 years old, has an invitation to a very special but also forbidden birthday party. It’s Sunday, and for the first time, Pablo is going on a door-to-door preaching with his mother. It’s Sunday, and behind each door, there is a challenge, a test, a… 

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Short film: LOTUS

Directed by Rose (Rong) Luo from Canada. A heavily wounded soldier is saved by the goddess of nature. They fall in love with each other but soon encounter a tough dilemma choosing between love and responsibility: the soldier has to leave to protect his country while the goddess realizes she must stay behind in order… 

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“Ainu. Pathways to Memory” is a discovery documentary of the Ainu people in Japan, directed by Marcos P. Centeno from Spain. On a trip through the recovery of their identity, which took us from Japan to Europe, we will find a people erased from history books and scarred by discrimination which pushed them close to… 

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Feature Film: DON’T BE TIRED

Directed by Afshin Hashemi and Mohsen Gharaie from Iran. Roman and Maria, a Canadian tourist couple with their own disputes, face a problem in Iran with the tourism institute. Morteza, the former employee of the hotel where the tourist couple are staying, has plans for the couple with the help of his cousin, Hossein. Don’t… 

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Documentary: DRIVING BLIND

Directed by Brian James Griffo (USA). Two brothers, Tod and Justin Purvis faced with a rare genetic disease that causes blindness (Choroideremia) decide to take the road trip of a lifetime around the United States and see everything possible before going blind. Exploring large cities and small towns, camping in national parks, pushing themselves to… 

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Feature Film: ANNI FELICI

Directed by Daniele Luchetti (Italy). A narcissistic artist finds his self-satisfied world turned upside down in the wake of a disastrous exhibition and his previously devoted wife’s extra-marital inclinations. Ani Felici had its world premiere last year at the Toronto International Film Festival as Those Happpy Years and totally surprised its audience and surpassed their… 

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Documentary: JUST PLAY

Directed by Dimitri Chimenti (Italy). This film is not about the occupation; it is not about the conflict; it is not about music. These are all elements of the story, but the film is about something else. It is about a group of men and women working with Al Kamandjati, a Palestinian Cultural Association conducting… 

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Directed by Kenny Rigsby and Justin Reese from the USA. In an alternate present day, the world is in conflict. Intercontinental travel has been banned, separating millions of families around the world. Most have given up hope of returning home. A husband and wife, separated by a hemisphere, work to reunite. Watch the trailer below:… 

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Actors - Diego Zimermann and Catharina França 1

Short film: VHS – Victor Home System

Directed by Lucas Coimbra from Brazil. Victor pirates movies on VHS for a criminal organization, but risks selling tapes out of the loop. The young man then meets her neighbor Laura, who questions his lifestyle. This is Coimbra’s first film as a film student and has been made with a budget of US$ 5,000. Check… 

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Directed by Mark Mooney and George Watts from the United Kingdom. When a local writer begins to investigate Oakamoors mysterious chained Oak, the chance find of a seventeenth century journal detailing the reasons for the Oaks chaining throws a new and terrifying light on the popular legend. Accounts of human sacrifice, witchcraft and warnings of… 

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Short film: NO BREAD

Directed by Macarena Monros from Chili. Luis (72) is the owner of a little grocery store that suffers a sudden downturn when a supermarket sets up in its neighborhood and he is told that he’ll no longer be provided with bread. The man faces a crossroads: closing the store, or finding another bread supplier to… 

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Truká, in the name of the Enchanteds, is a documentary by the Swedish director Thomas Toivonen about the Truká people. They live on islands on the São Francisco river in the north-east of Brazil. And their story is the same as for indigenous people all over the world: a story of colonization and oppression but… 

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Short film: COCKATOO

Directed and written by Matthew Jenkin from Australia. A man with a broken heart tries to relive his failed relationship by hiring a young actress to play his ex‐girlfriend. If only she could get the accent right… Check out the trailer below: Screening: To be announced

Feature Film: PARAMNESIA

Directed and written by Eleutherios Kakathimis from Cyprus. A young man wakes up on the floor of an apartment with no memory or any recollection about himself, at the same time two guys are chasing him for some reason. The only thing he can do right now is to follow his instinct. Through twists and… 

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The Last American Shoemaker is the story of Luis Ruales, an Ecuadorian immigrant, who has served his community as the cobbler for 40 years, and now faces obstacles and challenges of globalization Its a journey into the heart and mind of man who has lived the American Dream in the small American town of Roselle… 

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Written and directed by Alessandro Riconda from Italy. Mirko has to face his worst fear: wearing glasses. That is the only way to do his school test, but what would happen if the little girl he is secretly in love with could see him? Check out the trailer below: Screening: To be announced


Short film: THE CELL

On the day of a terrorist attack in London five strangers all receive the same text message: At 9pm we flip the switch Each of them have a reason to flip the switch however all isn’t completely as it seems. All of these strangers have experienced loss and they all have reasons to hate but… 

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Short film: CRIPPEN

The name of Dr Crippen still resonates more than 100 years after the murder of his wife became an international sensation. Born in Michigan, USA, as Hawley Harvey Crippen, he was not a real doctor but a promoter of homeopathic remedies. It was to pursue his career that in 1900 he and his wife Cora,… 

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Live-in nurse Murni works for Pak Harun, a lonely and bitter elderly man who continually harangues his caregiver. Murni tries to cook a Sambal Goreng dish that is exactly like the one cooked by Harun’s late wife but success seems to elude her. Despite this, she sings all day in the kitchen, which serves only… 

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koan truong ecrit

Feature film: KOAN OF SPRING

Master Truong, the old Fearless of the emperor, is nearing the end of his life and he has not yet found his successor. The country has to be prepared for war and the Emperor is furiously impatient. He gives him two weeks to find him one. Master Truong goes to visit a famous General (Master… 

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Caroline of Virginia is a fairy tale about the things we take for granted. After a deaf woman befriends a musician, she wakes up the following morning with the ability to hear. Although this seems to comes as a blessing, she realizes the gift of hearing is only temporary and it’s all at the expense… 

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Feature film: THE REFLECTIONS OF MAYA ROSE (Closing Film)

Directed by Alexandra Wedenig (1978, Austria). With The Reflection of Maya Rose she won the Golden Lion Award at the Barcelona Film Festival in Spain. Reality takes a turn for young and eager actress Maya Rose when she auditions for the role of Ava in a screenplay titled “The reflection and the mirror”. It tells… 

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INSO Poster

Documentary: The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra

It was achievement enough that the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra managed to survive the darkest days of the war, when it struggled for supplies and electricity, when its members fled for safety abroad and those who remained practiced in secret for fear of offending militants who considered music un-Islamic. They’ve survived bombs, random attacks and… 

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Directed by Kenny Rigsby and Justin Reese from the United States. When you’re tongue-tied over a pretty girl, it helps to have timeless authors spell it out for her. No trailer available. Screening: To be announced


Short film: CRYO

When a journey to another planet goes horribly wrong mid-flight, an ordinary female engineer finds herself fighting to ensure the future of mankind. “A tense fifteen minute action thriller with an astonishing look that puts most big screen features with one hundred times the budget to shame.” – John Vaughan at the Master Blaster Awards… 

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Feature film: SODIUM PARTY

Written and directed by Michael MCudden (Ireland). Sodium Party follows Claire through a harrowing childhood to university where she meets Danny, a frequently intoxicated photographer who exposes her to real life through a cocktail of love and drugs. Their relationship is tested when ghosts of Claire’s tumultuous past manifest through super-8 home movie footage causing… 

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Directed by Sounak Mukhopadhyay from India. Kolkata. The intellectual capital of India. Year: 2008. Amon Ghoshal is a sensitive young Indian Bengali boy hailing from a family of farmers in the countryside. He stays in Kolkata to do his PhD in Nanoparticles but his ambition lies in traveling the world by foot. Hayaa Saleem Khan… 

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SILENT SPRING is directed by Antoine Nassif from Lebanon. At fifteen years old, Tina lives in an orphanage where she is being treated harshly. One day, the orphanage’s board decides to take the kids to the theater. While Tina is over there watching the play, she decides to run away… Check out the trailer below:… 

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Short film: BOONRERM

Boonrerm (Thailand) is the story of a housemaid in Thailand. Every day she receives a strange order from her employer. Written and directed by Sorayos Prapapan (28) who told us that this film was made to highlight the unfair treatment of people working as housemaids in Thailand. Check out the trailer below: Screening: To be… 

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Short film: WAY IN RYE

Directed by Goran Stankovic (1984), who originates from Serbia. His submission WAY IN RYE was previously nominated for Best Narrative Student Short at the Academy Awards of 2014. ‘My brothers and I spent summers on our grandfather’s farm in the former Yugoslavia. Playing in corn fields, eating fruit off trees, cooking potatoes by the night… 

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Short film: ½ SOLD: THE FILM OF THE YEAR 1928

½ Sold is a brief encapsulation of a past not far removed from our present [or] An homage to Surrealist film and the social absurdity it rode in on. ‘Featuring a cast of artists, pioneers, totalitarian dictators and other overachievers,’ says director Michael Westbrook. ‘Unidirectional temporality is not included.’ Shot in Paris, ½ Sold is… 

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