The Phnom Penh International Film Festival is a 10-days (non-competitive) film festival celebrating independent cinema from all over the world, taking place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, from September 12-21, 2014.

It was founded earlier in 2014 and is organized by Dutch expatriate Ramon Stoppelenburg. Out of dire necessity, he states.

‘The new big cinemas in Phnom Penh don’t give any attention to the good foreign films or the film festival winners from other parts of the world,’ he states.

In May 2014 a specially set up Screening Committee took on the hard work of going through all 300 submitted films from all over the world. Out of this they choose 70 titles (features, documentaries and shorts) to be that fascinating, that good, that challenging, so captivating, that these will be screened to the general public at the Phnom Penh International Film Festival from September 12 to 21, 2014.

The PPIFF 2014 takes place at The Flicks Community Movie Houses (3 venues) with the opening party at Meta House on Friday September 12.

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