coverCaroline of Virginia is a fairy tale about the things we take for granted. After a deaf woman befriends a musician, she wakes up the following morning with the ability to hear. Although this seems to comes as a blessing, she realizes the gift of hearing is only temporary and it’s all at the expense of the musician.

COV Still FINAL SHOTCaroline of Virginia is directed by Eric Norcross. “I am truly proud to have been the filmmaker who made this movie”, he states. “This is the first time in my life where I feel I have created a movie that makes me feel this proud, this achieved and for the first time in my life I feel like a filmmaker.”

COV Still BUS STOPCaroline of Virginia, while short, is sweet. Your heart goes out to the characters immediately upon meeting them and the world in which it is placed is clearly defined. Although I know what went into the production – somehow the illusion manages to mystify me. This is the kind of movie I’ve been trying to make for the past ten years but didn’t know how. Through many experimental shorts of varying genres, commercials and sitcom pilots – it took a great deal of time for me to figure it all out.”

Check out the making-of below:

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