Short film: CRIPPEN

crippenThe name of Dr Crippen still resonates more than 100 years after the murder of his wife became an international sensation. Born in Michigan, USA, as Hawley Harvey Crippen, he was not a real doctor but a promoter of homeopathic remedies.

crippenposterIt was to pursue his career that in 1900 he and his wife Cora, a mediocre music hall performer, traveled to London. But by 1910 he had lost his job and was sliding towards financial disaster due to an expensive affair with his 27 year-old secretary and a risky investment in a new business.

His solution was to murder his wife of 17 years, dispose of her body, pawn her valuables and plunder her savings.

Crippen is directed by Stephan Parent from Canada.

Check out the trailer below:

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