Feature film: DEAR COURTNEY

Directed by Rolf Roring from Germany.

1991: because of his long lasting unrequited love to Saskia (19), the most popular girl in school, the almost 18 year old Paul Thomas one day writes the song of his life. The song doesnʼt help him with his beloved, however it seems promising enough to send it out to the worldʼs leading record companies to eventually conquer Saskiaʼs heart via the detour of a rock star career.

Dear Courtney-3846kleinerPaul Thomas is shocked when he discovers his song a few months later on the epoch-making album Nevermind by the band Nirvana, now going under the title Smells like Teen Spirit. In his firm belief that he has been ripped off, Paul Thomas starts an odyssey all across Germany to the shows of Nirvana‘s ’91 tour, to demand his copyright from Kurt Cobain personally.

Dear Courtney, which will be screened with English subtitles, is a romantic comedy about a young man that has to decide between happiness and that what he always believed it to be.

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– Saturday September 13 at 6pm
– Thursday September 18 at 4.30pm

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