Documentary: The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra

It was achievement enough that the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra managed to survive the darkest days of the war, when it struggled for supplies and electricity, when its members fled for safety abroad and those who remained practiced in secret for fear of offending militants who considered music un-Islamic.

They’ve survived bombs, random attacks and power failures during performances – which puts our worries about the role of the arts in perspective.

INSO PosterThe Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra (INSO) documentary presents a study of the Iraqi musical culture that was changing over the past years since the INSO formed early in the forties of the last century and to this day.

For many years back, Iraq was never been stable, as every couple of years there were political issues, wars, military coups and other internal and regional problems. Those unstable conditions in addition to some internal society changes, affected the musical culture in Iraq during the last seven decades.

inso2This film discusses and shows how those obstacles reflected against the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra and it’s members from a perspective of the classical music genre.

Directed by Firas Sameer (Iraq).

Check out the trailer:

– Friday September 19 at 6.30pm
– Saturday September 20 at 2pm