nasemanDirected by Sounak Mukhopadhyay from India.

Kolkata. The intellectual capital of India. Year: 2008.

Amon Ghoshal is a sensitive young Indian Bengali boy hailing from a family of farmers in the countryside. He stays in Kolkata to do his PhD in Nanoparticles but his ambition lies in traveling the world by foot.

Hayaa Saleem Khan is a youthful Pakistani girl. Overcoming the barrier of the border, Hayaa comes to Kolkata to study films.

Amon and Hayaa fall in love with each other. They start sharing the exceptionally intense moments together. Everything seems perfect.

Until Mumbai comes under a terrorist attack in 2008, which lasts 59 hours. Hayaa separates herself from Amon to leave India in the times of horror. However, Amon is completely oblivious to the smell of gun-powder in the air.

Today, he’s diagnosed with brain tumor.

naseman2Check out the trailer below:

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