Opening film: IMAGINE

Imagine was inspired by the water experiments of the innovative scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto. His findings indicate a relationship between the physical structure of water and the projection of thoughs or energies going onto it.

‘We exaggerated this concept,’ say the creators Jonathan Steven Green (writer) and Jahanara Saleh (director). ‘The heart of the story is about memories, illustrating how they can sometimes become corrupted when a powerful emotion such as guilt is associated with them.’

Imagine followes John Morris (Scot Wolf, known from Party of five, GO and the tv-series V) on his healing journey while under the influence of a new product experiment, charged water: water that has been influenced by a specific though or energy. Nearly a year after he loses his only child, John begins to relive some of his memories of that time. The charged water isolates the truth of his memories from the elements of guilt he had associated with them, ultimately leading him to a place of hope where he finds a second change at a healthy life again.

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