Short Films Session 2

recommendedreadingThe Short Films Sessions are ready-made-to-eat chunks of finely selected short films. They regularly fit in a 2-hour block in the festival film schedule.

What to expect in Session 2?

– Sunday September 15 at 6pm
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BUCKET (15min)
Director: Gabriel Robertson (United Kingdom)
After a devastating discovery at a fancy dress party, a young man contemplates suicide before an abandoned baby catches his eye and shakes him from his ill intent. Now, faced with taking care of it until the police arrive, he recruits his former best friend- but things are far from simple.

LookAtMeLOOK AT ME (16 min)
Director: Nicolas Fernández (Argentina)
Marcos, a workaholic city man, is forced to travel to the country for a family celebration. After an incident on the road, he will have to seek refuge in what looks like an abandoned house. Marcos will witness strange events that will lead him to see that, in fact, he is not alone.

Directed by Naz SAlih (United Kingdom)
Ari is a 50-year-old Kurdish writer who lives in London and who left behind his wife and son in the middle of the war. He is in the middle of writing his novelette One Way Or Another, but hesitant and nervous, writing and deleting most of the events that happened in his past life.

egozombieEGO ZOMBIE (12 min)
Director: James Stallworth (Germany)
Seema’s is restless over the loss of her friendship with her girlfriend Pia. However, all that Pia wants is an apology. But that doesn’t seem to be possible.

Directed by Kenny Rigsby and Justin Reese (United States)
When you’re tongue-tied over a pretty girl, it helps to have timeless authors spell it out for her.

crippenCRIPPEN (6 min)
Directed by Stephan Parent (Canada)
The name of Dr Crippen still resonates more than 100 years after the murder of his wife became an international sensation. Born in Michigan, USA, as Hawley Harvey Crippen, he was not a real doctor but a promoter of homeopathic remedies.

NO BREAD (20min)
Directed by Macarena Monros (Chili)
Luis (72) is the owner of a little grocery store that suffers a sudden downturn when a supermarket sets up in its neighborhood and he is told that he’ll no longer be provided with bread. The man faces a crossroads: closing the store, or finding another bread supplier to keep his business open.

Directed by Eva Daoud (Bahrain)
The winds of change have passed by and were called the Arab Spring. He is a man swept by the blowing winds that had taken all that’s dear to him and left him with invisible remnants imprinted deep into his soul.

– Sunday September 15 at 6pm
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