Short Films Session 3

The Short Films Sessions are ready-made-to-eat chunks of finely selected short films. They regularly fit in a 2-hour block in the festival film schedule.

What to expect in Session 3?

– Monday September 15 at 6.30pm
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Directed by Jean Luc Baillet (France)
Following a stupid challenge with his friends, Ethan a young high school student finds himself alone at night in one of the cemeteries in the city in search of a ancient grave by the light of his torch…

Directed by Antoine Nassif (Lebanon)
Fifteen years old, Tina lives in an orphanage where she is being treated harshly. One day, the orphanage’s board decides to take the kids to the theater. While Tina is over there watching the play, she decides to run away…Arriving into an empty street, she meets a lady who decides to help her introducing her to a new world she never knew before.

Directed by Kenny Rigsby and Justin Reese (USA)
In an alternate present day, the world is in conflict. Intercontinental travel has been banned, separating millions of families around the world. Most have given up hope of returning home. A husband and wife, separated by a hemisphere, work to reunite.

Directed by Biju Viswanath (India).
A thief breaks into a house. As he looks around for something to steal, he discovers that an old man is in the house. Both the thief and the occupant find that in what is taken and what is given, there can be unexpected treasure.

Directed by Hernan Moreno (Canada).
A lonely young man accepts a dinner invitation from the girl of his dreams, only to face the stuff of nightmares. My Dinner with Andrea is a comic exploration of the phenomena of synesthesia and the price we will pay to find true love.

Directed by Josep Antoni Ribas Rossello (Spain).
Enric Mellier, a famous french pianist is about to give a piano concert when strange events start to happen inside the theatre, events that make him to understand that he has a serious problem.

COCKATOO (12 mins)
Directed by Matthew Jenkin (Australia).
A man with a broken heart tries to relive his failed relationship by hiring a young actress to play his ex-­‐girlfriend. If only she could get the accent right…

FLY ON OUT (7 mins)
Directed by Robert Kolodny (USA).
Fly on Out follows 11-year-old Dayvon after he rescues a caged pigeon from two older boys on a Brooklyn rooftop. Being pursued by the boys, Dayvon must dodge and weave his way through the vibrant and diverse streets of Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, passing by true to life neighborhood characters, all in an attempt for free the bird. The film was shot using visually stunning high speed cinematography and cinematic camera movement.

– Monday September 15 at 6.30pm
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