Feature film: THE REFLECTIONS OF MAYA ROSE (Closing Film)

Directed by Alexandra Wedenig (1978, Austria). With The Reflection of Maya Rose she won the Golden Lion Award at the Barcelona Film Festival in Spain.

Reality takes a turn for young and eager actress Maya Rose when she auditions for the role of Ava in a screenplay titled “The reflection and the mirror”.

It tells the story of Ava and Scott, two lovers trying to transcend time and space by means of a mirror. Maya is thrilled. The enigmatic character of Ava mesmerizes her. The bizarre audition sets off a series of strange occurrences that lure curious Maya onto a path deep into the life of Ava and a world that holds nothing familiar to her.

Maya finds herself waking up in a house where doors and windows are locked and won’t open. She can feel the eerie presence of someone else in the house, a woman, a female shadow. Paranoia and desperation soon drive her to the edge of sanity and Maya loses herself between the worlds of captivation and the realm of dreams.

“To me Reflections of Maya Rose is a film that celebrates curiosity and the mysterious beauty of the unknown and the ambiguous”, says director Alexandra Wedenig.

“As we grow older we tend to lose the curiosity that we used to explore the world with when we were kids. We live by set rules and schedules and our lives are pretty much planned out. We have specific ideas of who we are and what our lives should look like. And its not easy diverting from those carved out paths.”

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