Tickets & Passes

For the Phnom Penh Film Festival 2014 you can choose to be admitted to movie screenings with the following options:

    • allaccesspassThe All Access Film Festival Pass: This is the best way to ensure that you have priority access to all festival screenings.  The pass will admit you to all films prior to individual ticket holders.

      Doors to each venue will open approximately 30 minutes prior to the screenings and pass holders will have priority admission up to 15 minutes before show time.

      Pass owners should aim to arrive early to their screening to ensure priority seating.

      This pass costs $6 per person and is for sale at The Flicks 1+2+3 (and gets cheaper the more festival days pass).
  • Individual Ticket: our regular individual ticket covers each screening session and costs $2 per person. These tickets go for sale 15 minutes before every show time, however you should reserve ahead. Reserved seats by Pass holders have priority.

However it is very important to reserve your seats ahead for every session during the Phnom Penh International Film Festival as reserved seats have priority. If you have reserved your spot(s), please know you have to claim your seats 20 minutes before the session is scheduled to start.


Any questions? Feel free to send a message.