Truká, in the name of the Enchanteds, is a documentary by the Swedish director Thomas Toivonen about the Truká people.

truka3They live on islands on the São Francisco river in the north-east of Brazil. And their story is the same as for indigenous people all over the world: a story of colonization and oppression but also about resistance and courage.

Today, they are facing their biggest threat ever: a planned transposition project of the river that the Truká as well as other communities are dependent on. This will have a huge impact on the river that is already very low because of dams. Not only a ecological disaster but also a cultural disaster for people that are dependent on this river.

The ambition of this film is to raise awareness on this subject and hopefully inspire people to take action to prevent this disaster from happening. Also to make people think about what it means to be indigenous, what effect a rampant development have on their culture and nature itself – that we all are dependent on for our survival.

This project is a part of a larger picture, an unpreceded destruction of the natural world that has taken apocalyptical measures. This greed for power and money stands in direct contrast to the indigenous mindset that is based on balance. Because all indigenous cultures are based on the notion that if you destroy your own landbase you have nothing. Except but death.

Check out the trailer below:

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