MALADY-posterMalady explores the boundaries of love when it is built from grief and challenged by shame, guilt and secrets.

Holly is grieving after losing the only person in her life, her mother. In an attempt to escape her pain and fulfill her mother’s last dying wishes she ventures out of the confines of the family home to find love. She meets Matthew, a man troubled by a secretive and obscure past. Together they find solace and begin to create something beautiful, but as time passes by and they delve deeper into each other’s lives they are drawn back to Matthew’s childhood home.

Here they encounter Matthew’s sickly mother Loralei, who attempts to destroy their mystique of love and the bonds they have tentatively made. This thrusts the loving couple into a spiraling nightmare of lies and deceit, testing their loyalty and redefining their definition of family.

Country of origin: United Kingdom
Directed by: Jack James
Duration: 1 hour 41 minutes

Director’s Statement

With ‘Malady’ I wanted to create something that explored the abstractions of both relationships and families and the secrets that lie within these entities.

I was interested in the conventions and societal trappings of love, and the consequences of not being aware of these conventions and discovering everything you thought about people and relationships could be wrong and forbidden.

I wanted to create something that felt organic, authentic and that tried to emulate how it feels to be lost with and amongst other people.

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