JojoPosterA six year old boy named Jojo wakes up from a car crash in the middle of the woods. Reluctantly, he takes his baby sister Avila from the crash and plops her into his backpack. The two of them try to make it back home, encountering hobos, wolves, and raging rivers along the way.

Country of origin: USA
Directed by: Ann-Marie Schmidt and Brian Schmidt
Duration: 1 hour 17 minutes

Director’s Statement

With this film being their directorial debut, Brian and Ann-Marie spend their time living in utter poverty and relentlessly working to repeal child labour laws. “I just want to give minors the chance to work 18 hour days that I have come to love and cherish,” said Ann-marie. Brian piped in, “It’s not fair that they get to go to bed at a decent time and don’t get to develop that really amazing, completely dried-out red eye look that is all the rage these days.”

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