The_MatchThe Match follows two performers in a struggling independent wrestling promotion, the Prairie Wrestling Alliance. It explores the impact that their vocation has on their personal lives, and the psychology behind why audiences are drawn to this pseudo-blood sport.

The characters are iconic, yet real: Nizar Watfa aka. Sheikh Abdul Shibaz, is a Muslim immigrant that wants to integrate. He’s from the small town of Lamont, Alberta , famous for its Ukrainian heritage. And then there’s Dustin Meyer, aka. Hollywood Dustin Adonis. He’s a rural redneck from Eston, Saskatchewan, that wants to cut loose. And they are going to fight for the championship belt.

However, Nizar’s father must overcome his distaste for what he sees as an embarrassing and racist portrayal of his culture.

Will Nizar’s dad finally attend a match? Will he disown his son? Will the beloved Hollywood beat The Evil Sheikh?

Country of origin: Canada
Directed by: kurt spenrath
Duration: 15 minutes

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