India: Mango Dreams

India: Mango Dreams

A Hindu doctor with dementia and a Muslim auto rickshaw driver form an unlikely friendship as they journey a thousand miles across India in a rickshaw.

As a child, Dr. Amit Singh (Ram Gopal Bajaj) survived the British partition of India. Since then, he has been running forward his whole life, running from the horrors of his past – his family murdered by Muslims and the personal guilt he feels for the death of his brother.

Now, with the onset of dementia, Amit must return to his childhood home and confront the memories he has been trying to forget before dementia robs him of his last chance for peace.

But, Amit’s son Abhi (Samir Kochhar) has come from America to commit his father to an old age home.

Amit runs away and encounters Salim (Pankaj Tripathi), Salim is a Muslim auto rickshaw driver whose wife was raped and burned to death by Hindu rioters.

Amit had earlier saved the life of Salim’s son. Salim offers to drive the doctor anywhere, as a way of repaying his debt.

When Amit asks to to be taken home, Salim cannot imagine how far he will end up going for the the doctor, or where the journey will lead both of them.

Along the way, Amit and Salim forge an unforgettable friendship and help each other discover the peace they both have been longing for.

Country of origin: USA
Director: John Upchurch
Duration: 1 hour and 33 mins.