Russia / Cambodia: The Gift

Russia / Cambodia: The Gift

In the Kingdom of Cambodia, in a remote village next to the delicate temple of Banteay Srei lives a family battling to survive the hardship of poverty but also of the deep psychological traumas that affected a whole nation. From a very young age, Manin was very disturbed by her mother and grandmother’s numbness.

She escaped, for brief moments, the heavy burden that seemed to oppress her family, and paid regular visits to her ”friend”: a stone Apsara in a close by temple.

Legends say that Apsaras are celestial beings engraved in stone found throughout Cambodian temples.

They are the intermediaries between our reality and the spiritual realm.

One day, Apsara sends a mystical sign calling for Manin. And the miracle happens.

Country of origin: Russian
Director: Konstantin Vihrev-Smirnov
Duration: 22 mins.